Midsummer Night Hackathon Challenge


The energy label was conceived to indicate the energy efficiency of a building. The energy label, as we know it, is based on several static aspects; age of the house, house typology, building materials and method of heating. However there are many more aspects that influence the energy use within a house, and these static aspects do not give an accurate prediction of the energy efficiency of a house.

With the emergence of the Internet of Things, in many houses the actual energy demand and actual energy use is measured. For example, the Dutch energy provider Eneco does this using TOON®. In addition (open) dynamic data is available on the climate and buildings. Combined they might provide the base for a better indicator for the buildings energy performance.


The challenge of this hackathon is to create a product that indicates the real energy efficiency of a building, combining data from TOON®, open data and possibly data from extra sensors or devices.


Answer the following two questions:

  • How does this product make the energy performance of a building transparent?
  • How does/will this product influence the built environment?

Develop ideas for the following aspects:

  • Business models:
    Which business model(s) can be created around this product? Who can profit?
  • Data:
    What data is needed? Is it available or how can we get it?
  • Sensoring;
    What sensoring systems can/must be used?
  • IoT:
    How does IoT influence the output? How can IoT be used?
  • Individual energy:
    How is the system influenced by renewable energy generated by the buildings?
  • Location:
    How does the location influence the energy efficiency of a building?