Establishing INFO LABS back in 2012 to create a space for knowledge building and experiment through applied research, in 2017 we decided that we should take the next step in developing a framework for research. We divided the activities along the line of applied and fundamental research. The fundamental research was operationalized in a close relationship with TU Delft in the form of a visiting professor role for Iskander Smit.

partnerships in Cities of Things

The aim is to embed this research in a broader context of collaboration via the Cities of Things Delft Design Lab with TU Delft Connected Everyday Lab of Elisa Giaccardi and the Internet of Things Group of Gerd Kortuem, and AMS (Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions) in Amsterdam.

Together with partner Advier we develop more specific on the future mobility concepts through projects and applied research.

Research lines Cities of Things

The core theme of the research goal is the notion that we more and more will live together with intelligent things, and relate to intelligent systems. In our research, we have a focus on the design of these new relationships and interactions.

More specific these research lines

  • how does the agency between human and non-human actors change when we work & live together with intelligent systems?
  • how to design trust in the relationship with intelligent systems?
  • what is the role of software design principles in the definition of intelligent things?
  • what are new governance structures when we live & work together with intelligent systems?
  • what can cities of things benefit from dealing with wicked problems like climate change?