Tools for stimulating interaction amongst passengers of autonomous vehicles

Master Graduation Thesis Ilse van Zeumeren

23 April 2020

Ilse van Zeumeren did research into the very different experiences a traveler has when it is sailing the new mobility concept Seabubble, an autonomous floating water pod. The project delivered not only a design for the Seabubble but also a set of design criteria that are applicable to other autonomous passenger experiences.

This project is focussed on a design for stimulating interaction amongst passengers in the Seabubble. The Seabubble is an autonomous hydrofoil that is able to fly above water. The Seabubble can transport 4 to 5 passengers on inland waterways. The hydrofoil-technology creates a whole new travel experience because it provides very stable and silent travel conditions.

More in the full report, that can be found here.