Responsible digital technologies in public spaces

Master Graduation Research Siddharth Daswani; 29 September 2020

What are the ethical issues of applying artificial intelligence in a city context? The Scan Car of the city of Amsterdam is the use case to explore the impact and discuss the values of different stakeholders.

History has taught us that not all innovation is a good innovation. Just take, for example, the ecological devastation the DDT and the carcinogenic asbestos have caused. The advancement in new technologies like AI, IoT, autonomous robots, and big data brings with it plenty of uncertainties, risks, and ethical questions that need answers to if we wish to reap their benefits safely. We can tackle this problem by making our systems transparent for constant scrutiny and feedback.

Presenting SenCity, a mobile application that informs citizens about the data collecting devices in their city and provides them with a channel for asking questions, giving feedback and working with authorities to shape their desired digital city.

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